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Book 1-1st edition Still Available-limited quantity

Book 1-1st edition Still Available-limited quantity

Book 1-1st edition Still Available-limited quantity

Peregrination Series Book 1: Earth
SG Boudreaux

Synopsis for BOOK 1: EARTH

 2nd edition available May 31st, 2020, with improved cover and inside fixes.

Peregrination Series Book 1: Earth

The story begins in 1906 in San Francisco, California. Seth Jager just married his girlfriend of two years, Caroline Palmer. The morning after their honeymoon, San Francisco is struck by a large earthquake. He and Caroline are torn apart in the shake. Seth wakes up to find he has been transported to another time and dimension, and Caroline is nowhere to be found. He discovers that God has chosen him to travel through time and space by way of storms that generate enough power to open portals. He and others like him must search for important artifacts that will help to save all of mankind. On top of finding these artifacts, he and his fellow travelers must also battle demons who will stop at nothing to prevent them from completing their missions. 

Seth meets unusual characters, co-travelers, animals and places, and experiences unique events along the way. Still mourning the loss of his wife Caroline, Seth vows to himself to do whatever it takes to get back to her and the life they were beginning to create for themselves.



Seth had traveled around for most of his teen and young adult years from one seaport city to the next, never staying anywhere for long. Three years ago their schooner had put into San Francisco harbor for supplies and a weeklong furlough. That’s when he had seen her, Caroline Palmer. He was never one to believe in love at first sight, but with Caroline, he was definitely very interested. The first time he saw her he couldn’t get her out of his mind the entire week. That was when he decided to give up life at sea and take a local job as a tug boat captain at Stanley Tug Services. It was descent money and he still got to spend his days on the water. He spent the next 6 months wooing Caroline Palmer until she finally agreed to a date with him.


Seth stretched and looked at the clock “almost five am. What do you say we get dressed and head down to the diner for our first breakfast as Mr. and Mrs. Jager? We can share the good news with Charlie and the rest of the gang over there. Then we’ll swing by your oldplace, get your stuff and explain to the Barnes’”

“Sounds great, I’m starving!” Caroline stretched and jumped up to get dressed while Seth did the same. At 5:03 am they left Seth’s small garage apartment for the short ride to Shelley’s Diner. Seth was happier than he had ever been in his life. He replayed the previous night’s events over again in his head - all of them. He smiled to himself as Caroline climbed onto the back of his bike and wrapped her arms around him. The newlyweds sped off down the winding coastal road totally oblivious that in just a few moments their lives would change forever.

On the morning of Wednesday, April 18th, at 5:12 am, just a few minutes away, the earth underneath San Francisco Bay would open up.


The screams and yells of Native warriors could be heard closing the distance between them. Alec, starting to get nervous, suddenly felt the earth beginning to shake beneath his feet. The natives having great respect for Mount Barisan, due to constant volcanic activity, would not follow them any higher into the mountains center, especially now that they too had felt the quake. Mount Kerinci was known for almost constant ash and unpredictable eruptions. Well, unpredictable by man’s standards in this period of time. Alec could hear their voices growing weaker as they had surely turned in terror and headed back down the mountain. Sighing in relief from not having to dodge arrows and flying spears, Alec smiled and ran faster. If it weren’t for the Dragoman and their unique abilities they would be waiting around for portals to open instead of seeking them out. 

As the two reached the edge of the volcano’s opening, Alec noticed a mudslide directly in front of them. It would give them a greater chance of making it to the portal in time. Fortune has smiled on them once again! Alec thought with a smile. He gave a whoop, and hollered to Odessa over the noise of the rumbling earth. “Hurry Dee...we haven’t much time left!” he yelled pointing to an area just 15 feet ahead of them. Reaching the muddy, earthen slide that would take them deep into the volcano he jumped feet first into the mud as it abruptly washed him down into the volcanoes center. Odessa eyeing the muddy, earthen slide rolled her eyes and groaned following suite. As the two of them were whisked along down into the heart of the volcano, magnetic energy electrifying the air around them created a bright flash of light. Alec and Odessa disappeared as Mount Kerinci erupted shaking the earth with explosive power as volcanic ash spewed from the center into the sky above it. 


Alec was content with his life now, especially since he and Odessa had become paired together for Peregrinations. He had never told her, but he was in love with her. He didn’t want that to become a distraction to either of them. They had missions and bigger problems to deal with. Now was not the time for such a confession. He was happy just to be near her daily. 


Alec shook himself out of his thoughts and looked at Odessa.

“We’re here,” Odessa said with a slight grin. “Deep in thought eh…?”

Alec looked up to find himself standing just outside Simons place. So much for no distractions he thought to himself. He hadn’t even realized they’d arrived.

“Great”, he said, “let’s get this scroll to Simon and enjoy a little break” he said smiling at Odessa as they rounded the corner of the house toward the front door. They both suddenly stopped and looked at the giant of a man standing in front of Simon’s door, staring out at Barriers Edge. They must have startled the man because he jumped and staggered back against the house holding his head in his hands. 

“You alright man?” Alec said as he stepped forward to try and help the stranger right himself. 

Seth held up a hand to stop the man from approaching while holding his head with the other. He didn’t know how many more surprises he could take today and really wanted some answers. 

Book 2 Now Available

Book 1-1st edition Still Available-limited quantity

Book 1-1st edition Still Available-limited quantity

Peregrination, Peregrination Series, Book 2: Wind, SG Boudreaux, Shawna Gaile Boudreaux

Synopsis for BOOK 2: WIND

Storms are wreaking havoc on the  face of the earth, due to man's ever-increasing sin nature. A few select people have been chosen to traverse the earth, through time and space, by way of these very same storms to try and save mankind from our own destruction. These people are known as Peregrines. They are guided by those known as the Dragoman, whose purpose is to direct the Peregrines in missions to obtain sacred artifacts that will aid in their fight to save mankind. They must battle demons along the way, as well as face perilous dangers associated with their missions.

All of the Peregrines and Dragoman have converged onto Reader's Island to prepare for the great and final battle that a select few, known as "The Twelve" will have to fight in. As they train and learn how to use their new found powers, they must also find five lost keys that open the recently found, ancient, archival books that could hold important information for the success of their missions. 


“I wonder what time it is? It’s hard to tell with the storm still raging,” Caroline said, peering out of the cave into the lashing, windswept rain.

“I suppose there’s no way of knowing,” Bridget stated.

Caroline returned to the fire and sat with Bridget to dry her soaked hair and clothing. In the relative quiet of the cave, Caroline felt tense muscles begin to relax.

Suddenly they heard something stirring just outside the cave opening. As they turned, startled, a large, burly man stepped into the cave. 

He held up his hands in an attempt to show them he meant no harm. “Sorry, didn’ mean to frighten ya none. Don’t worry, I mean ya no harm. I noticed you two come out a the storm there an’ I came to warn ya of the dangers. There be people ’round here that search fer those like you two that will do ya harm. If you two wanna survive here, I suggest you be followin’ me right now. Normally I wouldn’ get involved, but you be looking awful young,” he added, looking at Bridget. 

“And who might you be?” Caroline asked suspiciously, glancing around the small cave for something to use as a weapon if the need arose.

“Most folks call me Oz. Let’s just say I know what you two are, and there are quite a few others ’round here that if’n they saw ya, would know too. An’ they won’t be as friendly as I am. So, if’n ya want to live, I suggest ya put that there fire out an’ folla me,” Oz said, waiting for an answer.

Caroline looked at Bridget with raised eyebrows and a question in her eyes. Bridget, ever the optimist, shrugged her shoulders and smiled. She stood and grabbed her bags and cloak as Caroline poured some of the water they had packed onto the fire to douse it. 

Caroline stood and looked at the man, “All right, Oz, lead on.”

With that, they all exited the cave into the bitter cold of the intense rain and headed up into the mountains. Their cloaks and hoods danced wildly about their bodies as they struggled to keep them closed about them. Where he was taking them they had no idea. Neither of them was any match for the huge man regardless, and if he had wanted to harm them, wouldn’t he have already done so? Caroline could only hope and pray that God had sent this man to help them. If not, they would surely soon find out. 


Seth continued to run as fast as possible, waving his arms in the air like a madman. He searched the dark for the figures before him, vowing to not let them out of his sight. At least each flash of lightning showed the two figures still standing, huddled together. Just then a portal begin to generate almost directly in front of the women. 

Good Lord, no! Seth thought. He tried to run faster and screamed against the wind with all his might, trying to draw their attention. Just then the lightning lit the sky once more and the wind blew the tall one’s hood from her head revealing her face. Seth froze in place, realizing who he had seen.

Caroline? Seth couldn’t believe his eyes, but it was her.

Just as the two were about to step into the portal, Caroline caught movement on the beach from the corner of her eye and turned for one last look over her shoulder. 

It was definitely her!

“Caroline!” Seth screamed with all the force he could muster as he struggled harder against the wind and sand. 

“Seth?” Caroline spun around, but she and Bridget had stepped into the portal, and it was too late to turn back. They were on the other side, not knowing where they were, and the portal was gone.

“Seth?,” she breathed.

Dumbfounded, Caroline stood there, not quite certain of what she had seen. Then she fell to her knees as she began to cry for the first time since her strange new life began. Bridget, concerned for her friend, tried to encourage her to at least seek shelter from the rain and the storm they found themselves in on the other side.

“Nooo!!”Seth screamed. He threw himself forward, reaching out to grab her before she was gone as he stumbled into the portal just before it closed.

Book 3 Now Available

Book 1-1st edition Still Available-limited quantity

Reviews for Book 1: Earth



“Nick,” she stated, “I think I’ve found something over here in the side of the wall.” As she leaned over the board fixed into the cavern wall, it gave way and Kristen tumbled over, down into the darkness. Nick and Tim, startled by the scream, turned just in time to see her feet disappear into the hole.

“Kristen!!” they both yelled simultaneously, running toward the area she disappeared into. “Kristen, are you all right?” Nick yelled down into the hole, shining his light down to see if he could spot her.

Dangling over the side in the dark, depth of the hole, tightly gripping the thin rope they used for alerting the others of an emergency, was Kristen.

“Thank God that you were the one laying that rope!” Nick said in gratitude. “Are you all right?”

“I think so!” Kristen yelled back up toward the two men peering down at her from the hole above. She could hear the crackling of the rope as her weight pulled the woven strings taught. She held on tightly, silently whispering prayers to God to protect her. She grasped the rope even tighter as she tried to peer down below her, wondering where her flashlight had disappeared to. She couldn’t see anything below her except utter darkness. If her flashlight had hit the floor somewhere below her, it probably shattered to pieces. If not, it could still be falling into the depths of the mine. The thought of the possibilities of either of those scenarios happening made her grasp at the thin rope even tighter, her eyes tightly closed against the darkness surrounding her as she continued whispering prayers into the air.

“We’re going to try to pull you up now, just hold on tight and let me know if you feel like the rope giving way, all right?” Nick spoke to her with soothing yet quick words.

“All right,” she yelled back to him.


Sean moved as quickly as he could in the light of his flashlight’s beam, calling out to his friends and listening for any responses. As he moved along the shaft on the small inclining surface he thought he heard someone yell. He stopped for just a minute as small undistinguishable sounds bounced along the passage, fading into nothing.

“Kristen! Nick!” Sean yelled into the darkness. He must have been nuts to take off by himself down in these mines. But he had a very bad feeling about them being the only ones not to appear in the large underground cavern with the rest of them. And, since Jason and the others didn’t seem to feel he had a need to worry he knew he couldn’t count on them to be of any help, so taking off on his own was his only option.

As he walked along the passage, staying near to the left-hand side wall, he nearly tripped over something. He shined his light down at the floor, spying one of the guide ropes they all used. I knew I would find them! He thought to himself. He studied the rope, realizing that it was pulled extremely tight even though it was still against the floor of the shaft. It seemed to disappear around the corner of an alcove, back into the wall.

“I knew it! Something’s very wrong here.” Sean said as he moved as quickly as he could, keeping an eye on the rope and following it to wherever it would take him.


As Nick and Timothy continued the slow pulling of the thin rope, they began to hear footsteps echoing behind them. They grew nervous as they looked at each other with growing concern over who, or what, could be approaching. Suddenly, a flashlight appeared around the corner of the cavern opening and in ran Sean Doran.

Sean, realizing what was happening, quickly dropped everything and grasped at the rope as well. 

‘Kristen!?” Sean yelled down to her, but unable to see anything.

“Sean!? What are you doing here?” she asked, confused.

“Never mind that, let’s just get you out of there!” he called back down to her,


Jason was taken by surprise at how quickly the young man moved. He ran at Jason full on with a large curved dagger in his hand. Jason grabbed one of the shovels they had brought with them and held it out in front of him. The large dagger sliced into the wood of the handle, sticking tightly into it. Jason threw the shovel and dagger to the side and grabbed the young man by the arm as he continued to flail, kick, scratch and punch at him, landing several good blows to Jason’s jaw, lip, and left eye. Jason managed to spin the boy around and pin both arms down against his side. He wrapped his arms around the boy to keep him from kicking him. Unfortunately his foot found its mark upon his shin. Jason picked the young man up to stop his kicking, and they both fell to the floor in the struggle. Jason managed to get the young man underneath him, straddling the boy with his legs and sitting on him while holding his arms down against the floor. 

Much to Jason’s surprise, during the struggle the young man’s hood and shroud had fallen away from his face to reveal a woman. Jason and Memnah sat starring at each other as their labored breathing made their chests rise and fall in rapid succession. 

“You’re a woman?” Jason questioned her as he gazed at the deep greenish-brown pools of her large eyes and the deep pink hue of her lips and flushed cheeks. The bone structure of her high cheekbones and the sharp but dainty, pointed nose and oval shaped face were stunning.

“Please remove yourself from my person sir!” she said forcefully through clenched teeth.

“I don’t think so lady. You just tried to kill me. If I let go of you, you just might try again.” Jason said as amusement began to play at his eyes as he licked the blood from his busted lip.

“Get off of me right this minute!” Memnah yelled and tried her hardest to get free of Jason’s grasp. 

“Now just calm down would you? I told you earlier that no one here is going to hurt you. Now, I’m going to slowly release you, understand? Just don’t go getting all wild again.” Jason began to stand up, pulling Memnah off the floor as he did. When they were both standing, he spoke again.

“What’s your name?” he asked, still holding on to her wrists.

He got no answer. She stood facing him, trying to avert her gaze.

Jason followed her eyes with his head until he could get her to look at him once again.

“I’m not letting go of you until you tell me your name.” he said with a slightly crooked grin. 

“Fine,” she clicked out staring into his eyes. “My name is Memnah.” she said with a thick Arabic accent, seeming to calm down and begin to breathe easier. 

“Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?” he said, as he began to relax his hold on her wrists. 

“Hello, Memnah, my name is Jason. I’m going to release you now and we can discuss whatever this is like civilized human beings. Jason slowly let loose of her wrists and when he realized she was calm he relaxed his stance. Just as he did, she kicked out at him, catching him in the groin and doubling him over onto the ground as she ran toward the exit. Jason lay there waiting for the stars and blurry vision to subside, trying to catch his breath. He managed to squeak out, “Nice . . . to meet . . . you. . . Memnah,” to her retreating back. 

Memnah abruptly stopped at his words. Her brow furrowed in confusion at his response and the exchange she had with the stranger. She turned and looked at the man now withered upon the floor curled up in the fetal position. She felt one small pang of regret for nailing the poor man in the privates before turning and fleeing the cavern for the safety of her desert planes.

Reviews for Book 1: Earth

Reviews for Book 1: Earth

Reviews for Book 1: Earth


     New Review

This is a must read. If you love sci-fi, fantasy, history and love, this is the book you have been waiting for. It has a great story line, awesome characters, and an excellent plot. I couldn't put it down. The author has a unique story telling capability that captivates the reader and draws you in. The first of its kind that also has unique way of presenting the gospel. A must read. 

Shannon Ardoin, Ragley, La.

This author's first book will have you immersed in another world, a new dimension, intriguing, magical, thought provoking and delightful." 

A. Ford, Sibley, La.

"A mesmerizing tale of good vs. evil, adventure, and romance. Takes you through different times and places. Fact and fiction. Totally enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the series yet to come."

V. Dobbins, Wesley Chapel,  Fl.

"This book swallowed me up from the beginning. The descriptions the author used transported me there with each character, event, and place. Being a Christian myself I was excited about the concept of God's plans and how they were put into a story, and I loved the magical descriptions the author used illustrating this while using parts of our history. I found it, and the characters, illuminating and delightful."

F. Null, Hurricane,  W.V.

"Best Christian Fiction read ever. The ideas and concepts woven throughout

the book are brilliant and outstanding.  It's clear that God has gifted the mind of the author. It's the kind of book you don't want to put down and the ending definitely leaves you anxious for the next one. Awesome book."

Pastor G. Ducharme, Reeves, La.

Reviews for Book 2: Wind

Reviews for Book 1: Earth

Reviews for Book 2: Wind



I am not a big reader, but these series have captured my attention. The writing is so clear and the description of the people and scenes pulls you into the scene, making you feel like you are right there. I can't wait till a movie is made. But am so glad I am reading the books first.


This is the 2nd. book in the series and I love both of them! They are so interesting and exciting you are always waiting for more. The detail and description of the story plots, rooms, places, & people take you along for the ride. I can see it all in my mind. It is so interesting to see where & how S. G. Boudreaux uses everyone in the twists and turns of the pages. I can't wait till the next one comes out.

F. Null

"Just got thru with book 1 Earth
It was great and I’m fixing to start book 2 Wind.
I’m a big fan of Louis l’Amour books!
I love his story types of books
But Shawna is a friend of mine so I wanted to try the first book out!
I loved it!
It keeps me wanting to know what happens next.
I enjoyed it as much as I love Louis l’Amour’s books! 

Buddy Miller, Ragley. La.

Reviews for Book 3: Fire

Reviews for Book 1: Earth

Reviews for Book 2: Wind


 This is the 3rd book in the series & the author does not disappoint me after reading books 1 & 2. The adventure continues, and as I said before I love the historical references in the book. It brings it to life by allowing you to imagine yourself in these real places-some which I have actually been too. I can't wait for the next book to come out, & I actually will be sad when the series is completed, but such is life. ;-) LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES!!

Faith Null