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Blogging is something I have been interested in for years. But as a busy homeschooling mom of three, it wasn't something I ever figured I would have time to really invest in on a regular basis. Then God led me to write a five book novel series. With self publishing these books and learning how to Market myself, it has led me here. Through my Blog I relayed a lot of the how I did it type of information concerning my first book. I had stepped away from it for a bit as to not give away too much information on the book.  

I am now blogging  about the Writing Silo my husband wanted to build for me.  But, If there is anything you would like me to write about in my BLOG, feel free to contact me with your requests and suggestions via the Contact the Author link.

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I am a Faith-based fiction writer who in the summer of 2017 began writing a five book series entitled the "Peregrination Series". My first three books are currently available for purchase through POD services, traditional brick and mortar stores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, in both paperback and E-book formats. You can find links to purchase all of my available books on my Home page.

Or if you want a signed copy from me, you can purchase from my website under the Purchase the book tab, under the more tab.


Upcoming Titles in the Series

fiction; fantasy; time travel; clean romance; SG Boudreaux; Shawna G Boudreaux; Peregrination Series

Book 1: Earth  released December 2018.

Book 2: Wind  released May 2019

Book 3: Fire is releasing fall 2019

Book 4: Water  projected for late spring 2020

Book 5: Battle of the Beasts-The Final Battle projected for late fall 2020 

These are only projected dates and are not guaranteed.

Visit regularly for updates or information on character side/backstories listed for purchase here on my site, or click the Join my email list to receive the monthly newsletter which will be coming Spring 2020.